Top 4 Outdoor Christmas Light Decoration Ideas

Gleaming frosted icicle lights are a traditional option for lining roof eaves, porch overhangs, and stair railings. Choose from classic color combinations like red and white or more whimsical pairings such as blue and green icicle lights.

Wrapping planters and shrubs with lights gives your front yard a festive glow without overpowering your home’s architecture. Adding walkway Christmas trees illuminated with color-changing lights is another easy way to add a festive look. More by clicking here.

Tree Wrapping

Rather than letting your trees’ trunks get lost in the foliage, highlight them with a wrapping of twinkling lights. Select a tree with an attractive form and evenly distributed branches, then wrap it with string or net lights in your favorite color to create a focal point that will shine for many holidays to come. Blue or white lights give a modern and cool look, while warm white offers a more classic and cozy feel.

For a more uniform and easier option, try a tree wrap designed with loop clasps to secure the ends of the net, such as this StretchNet Pro tree wrap lights set. This method will also protect your evergreens from sunscalding, which occurs when high-intensity sunlight during the day warms the bark and triggers conductive tissues to break dormancy, leading to damaged branches and sap flow.

Line your windows with lighted snowflake decorations for an elegant and festive look, or tuck them into bushes or small trees to brighten a shady corner. You can also create a pretty vignette by placing stocky glass vases filled with pillar candles next to the front door for an inviting display.

Trunk Wrap Lights

Achieve a stunning, festive front yard display with outdoor Christmas lights that accent your home and other decorative items. Create a warm and inviting ambiance with lighted artificial wreaths and garlands to display near your door. Choose from a variety of colors to complement your existing décor.

To simplify putting up your light displays, take a picture of the areas you wish to decorate and measure each area. This can help you determine how many strands of lights you need for each area. Also, identify where the power outlets are located to ensure that you can reach your electrical wiring safely.

Tree trunk wrap lights are a great way to add a beautiful glow to the base of your trees, columns, and posts. These LED light nets feature a grid pattern that fits a range of tree trunk sizes and come in several brilliant color options like Warm White and Pure White to match your lighting scheme.

Topiary Lights

Add a bit of sparkle to your outdoor Christmas decor this year with topiary lights. You can highlight the shape of spheres, cones, and spirals with blue-white or color-changing fairy lights. Choose a color that matches the tone of your house or front yard landscaping for the ultimate elegant look.

Icicle lights are a popular choice for lining roof overhangs, peaks, and windows, but they can also add an eye-catching effect to porch awnings and stair railings. You can also find cascading lights that mimic a realistic icicle effect or even snowfall.

For a truly magical touch, consider LED projector lights. These project a myriad of tiny Christmas-colored dots or an illustration (like a snowflake, Santa, or reindeer) over your house and lawn for a soft but dramatic glow. It’s a great option for those who aren’t ready to make a bold statement with their lighting but want a festive look.

Icicle Lights

A classic Christmas lighting staple, icicle lights are a great way to add that postcard-ready look to your outdoor space. Available in a wide range of color options, these versatile lights can be used by themselves or as part of a larger display and are particularly popular for lining rooflines and wrapping porch overhangs and railings.

Choose a single color of icicle lights for a clean, minimalist decorating theme, or use multiple colors to create a kaleidoscope effect on your home. White icicle lights are the most popular for evoking a winter wonderland look but red and blue options are also available.

Unlike the staggered appearance of light strings and C7 or C9 bulbs, the drops of icicle lights appear naturally clustered and romantic from a distance. This enchanting aesthetic is why they are often used to dress up the rafters and ceiling lines of event centers, hotel ballrooms, and downtown entertainment halls. Continue reading the next article.

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