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All Lit Up is your go-to destination for top-notch landscape and Christmas lighting services in the Lynchburg Roanoke and SML areas. Our dedicated team brings expertise and creativity to every project, transforming your outdoor space into a captivating and festive masterpiece. Whether you’re looking to enhance your landscaping with elegant lighting solutions or want to create a magical holiday display, we have you covered. Let All Lit Up illuminate your property and make every season merry and bright!

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Our landscape lighting transforms outdoor spaces, highlighting plants, trees, and brick walkways. Using path, tree, and garden lighting techniques, we create stunning results.
Landscape Lighting


Event lighting is crucial for setting the mood and creating memorable experiences. From weddings to corporate events, the right lighting transforms spaces into magical environments. Our tailored solutions at All Lit Up elevate every occasion, leaving a lasting impression on guests.
Event Lighting


Our designs will turn your house into a winter wonderland, radiating brilliance throughout the holiday season. Experience the joy of coming home to a gorgeously illuminated display and your kids and grandkids will love it too.
Christmas Lighting


Commercial outdoor lighting showcases architecture, creates a welcoming atmosphere, improves visibility, enhances security, and boosts curb appeal. All Lit Up specializes in tailored solutions for a well-lit environment year-round.
Commercial Lighting

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Frequently Asked Lighting Questions

Landscape lighting can be installed in any of your landscaping features, such as flower beds, formal gardens, focal trees, and shrub rows. It can also be used to illuminate water features, outdoor fireplaces, statues, rock walls, seating areas, and pergolas.
Landscape lighting is an effective way to enhance the security of your home. Security professionals always suggest illuminating your home’s exterior and surrounding areas to discourage potential criminals from targeting your house. By adding lighting to your yard features, you can further improve your home’s security. Landscape lighting in conjunction with architectural lighting can eliminate dark corners and other areas where burglars might hide.

It’s important to consider landscape lighting for areas in your yard where people walk after dark. For instance, steps leading to your front or back door, porch, patio or deck should be well-lit to avoid any accidents.

If you have a walkway leading to the pool or outdoor fireplace, it’s crucial to have path lighting installed to prevent any potential falls. Garden paths, especially those with stepping stones, can also pose a danger if not well-lit. Stones, pavers or tiles can shift or become dislodged, creating a tripping hazard. By installing path lighting, you can rest assured that your pathways are properly illuminated and safe to walk on.

Even as guests walk from the driveway to your front door, adequate lighting can ensure their safety. You’ll also appreciate being able to see your children walking from the driveway into the house after their after-school activities. Overall, landscape lighting provides an increased level of safety that brings peace of mind.

Absolutely not! We have the best landscape lighting systems installed or serviced by All Lit Up. They come with a timer that turns the lighting on at dusk and off at dawn or they can be on a timer, the choice is yours. We can also create a custom program to turn lights off and on based on your needs and desires.
The beauty of your yard is what’s meant to be seen. And all our direct efforts are toward that result. The focus of our lighting design is always the landscape features of your property. Your guests may happen to notice the outdoor light fixtures we use. The fixtures themselves will not detract. Not from the beautiful effects of your landscape lighting or features. We use handcrafted fixtures of in a variety of colors and we do have stunning genuine solidbrass lights.
We use commercial-grade state-of-the-art LED bulbs that run on 12 Volts and only put out about 4 watts. Most of our customers tell us they don’t even notice a change on their electric bill.
All of our transformers, fixtures, wire, and light bulbs are made in the good ole USA.

Commercial Christmas lights, particularly those utilizing LED technology, are renowned for their energy efficiency. LED lights consume significantly less power than traditional incandescent bulbs—up to 90% less in many cases. This efficiency translates into considerable energy savings, especially important for large-scale holiday displays that operate for many hours each day throughout the festive season. Moreover, LEDs emit less heat, reducing the risk of overheating and making them a safer option for extensive installations.

In addition to their lower energy consumption, LED commercial Christmas lights typically have a much longer lifespan, often lasting up to 50,000 hours. This durability means they need to be replaced less frequently than incandescent bulbs, further contributing to their cost-effectiveness and environmental benefits over time. As a result, investing in LED commercial Christmas lights can offer substantial long-term savings on electricity bills and maintenance costs, making them an attractive option for businesses and municipalities aiming to create impressive holiday displays while minimizing their ecological footprint.

When choosing a holiday lighting company, look for one that offers a comprehensive range of services, including design consultation, installation, maintenance, and removal. It’s important to ensure they have experience and a portfolio of past projects so you can gauge their creativity and professionalism. Additionally, check for positive customer reviews and testimonials to get an idea of their reliability and quality of service.

Another crucial factor is the type of lights and decorations they use. Opt for a company that uses durable, energy-efficient LED lights which are safer and more cost-effective in the long run. Ensure they offer maintenance during the holiday season to address any issues promptly. Lastly, clear communication, transparent pricing, and excellent customer service are key indicators of a reputable holiday lighting company.

The cost of installing Christmas lights is influenced by several key factors, starting with the size and complexity of the installation. Larger homes or properties will naturally require more lights and longer installation times, leading to higher costs. Additionally, intricate designs, such as synchronized lighting displays or elaborate themes, demand more labor and expertise, which can also increase the price.

Other important factors include the type and number of lights used, with LED lights generally being more expensive upfront but more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent lights. The height and accessibility of the installation area are also crucial, as multi-story homes or hard-to-reach places may require specialized equipment and additional safety precautions. Finally, any additional decorations, such as wreaths, garlands, or special effects, will add to the overall cost of the installation.

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